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J-Term 2014

> Watch Sessions online HERE Theme: “Bringing the Light to the Darkest Places” Below was the schedule for J-Term 2014 Monday, January 20 Session 1 (1:30-3:00 PM)  

Gender and the Office of Pastor and Elder

In 1988 the Church of the Lutheran Brethren (CLB) adopted and published a position paper: “Role of Women in the Church:  Implications of Suffrage.” In  

International Mission Update – CLB Focus

Rev. Matthew Rogness (LBIM Director) shares an update, along with the vision and plans for Lutheran Brethren International Mission.  

Distance Education – CLB Focus

Download this video – video, poster and cover letter (15MB – Zip file) Today’s demands on families, churches, and pastors make it so that a three-year stay  

CLB Focus – Immanuel Restart

Immanuel Lutheran Brethren Church is taking steps in a restart initiative. They will be closing their current ministry and restarting with a new pastor. Regional  

Journey to Chad – Update #2

WATCH the first Journey to Chad video HERE